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Amandasandico 5 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

Absolutely delicious meal! Healthy, gluten free, vegan and tasty?! Not an easy task! KFresh nails it! The jackfruit "meat" is my favorite, and all of the toppings compliment each other so well. So happy to have such a great restaurant in Everett!

Debrab62 6 months ago

BYO To-Go Bibimbap

Seriously amazingly delicious food! I went back two days after my first visit and am telling everyone I know about it. My next goal is to make time to eat in and try the hot stone bowl.

Tayloesoulier 7 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

My friend is gluten and lactose intolerant, which makes this place perfect! It's not only reasonably priced but absolutely amazing. The owner is always so friendly and inviting. This is the first place I recommend when someone wants to try something new! 10/10

Denise 7 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

1st time visiting K Fresh, what an unexpected find! This sizzling rice bowl is amazing. As my husband said, "this is the 1st meal i have ever had that is as hot on the first bite as on the last bite". So fresh! The milkshake was so tasty, i was not sure how it would be since it was made with coconut, we loved it! K Fresh is absolutely amazing!

Miller 7 months ago


We got hooked into coming here for the shakes. Our household is entirely dairy free and there's no place else that offers dairy free soft serve and shakes; it's amazing! They offer a few flavors but also some limited time flavors during the holidays, and we can't stop coming back for more :)

Mysticblood101 8 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

One of the biggest things my partner misses in Korea is Dolsot Bibimbap and they were so excited to find it in Everett. I was equally enthusiastic about finding somewhere celiac and vegan safe for myself! The Dolsot Bibimbap is such an immersive experience that can truly be catered to the individual. There are so many options for flavor combinations that I honestly don't think you could ever tire of it. My personal favorite ingredients are the vegan beef, vegan chicken, kimchi, and kelp noodle salad! The food is so flavorful and the bowl comes out sizzling with excitement. Due to the nature of the hot stone bowl the texture of the rice changes as you eat, leaving you with the most delicious little crispy bits. Another perk of the Dolsot is that you don't have to worry about your food getting cold while you eat! It is always delightfully warm from start to finish. Don't forget to try out the different sauces they have available! Each bite can be a unique experience if done properly.

Hossjess 8 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

These stone bowls are incredible. We discovered KFresh about a month ago and have been back multiple times since. In fact, we're going today! Between the sauces, the choices, and the rice that caramelizes at the bottom... One of my favorite meals ever. The shakes are wonderful. My husband gets the seasonal eggnog, but I can't part from the mocha.

Rose4katie 8 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

Love the way the hot stone bowl cooks the rice, giving a bit of a crispiness at the end. Also very happy that they offer several vegan meat options too. That's not very common in Everett!

Marinna 9 months ago

BYO To-Go Bibimbap

OMG! Best food I've had in a long time. Who knew a bowl of rice and veggies could be so magnificent. Added the vegan beef for the protein and would normally be weary of fake meat, but so so so good! Also they sell dairy free milkshakes, and the egg nog one is bomb.

Mjjacobsen1 9 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

We absolutely love this place! It's clean, the staff is helpful and friendly, and the food is AMAZING!! We all had the Bibimbap with a cooked egg....sooo good! We will be back very soon!

Kjbq 10 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

This place is SO GOOD! I'm a Celiac and ate everything in the bowl without the slightest hint of a belly ache. I cant wait to get back for more!!

Jarismendez85 11 months ago


First time having coconut based ice cream shake and it was absolutely amazing! Will definitely continue to pick these shakes up, especially the strawberry. The K Fresh crew is extremely friendly and welcoming!

Freeatlastleslie 11 months ago

BYO To-Go Bibimbap

This is a fantastic meal ,and customer service is exceptional. I recommend this to anyone at work who is looking for a delivery meal. We have ordered many times from K fresh and are never disappointed.

Eyeseephotoz 12 months ago

BYO To-Go Bibimbap

Great food, super fresh, and good customer service too! We'll definitely be back!

Usagi99 12 months ago

BYO To-Go Bibimbap

Thank you for offering delicious vegan food in Everett!! The food was fresh and quick and healthy. The milkshakes are wonderful! Best of luck to you with your cute restaurant!

Edawson21 12 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

This was absolutely delicious! Fantastic flavors and amazing kimchi!

Bmax827 12 months ago

BYO To-Go Bibimbap

Went. Ack to try the food and not just the ice cream! Sooooo good! The toppings were all excellent and the beef was amazing. Can't wait to go back. Very clean and friendly service

Cybershanie 12 months ago

BYO To-Go Bibimbap

Ordered to go tonight and wasn't sure if it would be as good as it is fresh and hot. But it's still so good, the rice is perfect and the sauces are great. I love the edamame.

Ishniikaushik 12 months ago

Root Beer Float

Yaaaas finally a place to get a vegan float locally. Dope.

Cherigonzales73 about 1 year ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

Omg! You have to try the stone bowls! I burnt my tongue at the end of my meal! ๐Ÿ˜‹And best of all, everything is gluten free here! And the vegan, gf, dairy free ice cream was the best ever. I had the mango sundae, it came about halfway thru our meal, which was perfect, it helped cool our mouths down once in a while.๐Ÿ˜ The staff is super friendly and helpful!

Jessicajwillson 6 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

So yummy! Ever since discovering this place, my husband and I have been obsessed! We love the vegan options and fresh toppings. Its become a wonderful treat every week :)

Cheri 6 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

I love coming here and knowing that everything is Gluten Free! And talk about fresh! Everything is so fresh and yummy here. The hot stone Bibimap is my favorite. They have beef, chicken and vegan options! And dairy free ice cream. Oh my! I had the rice pudding the other day... It was to die for! I haven't had anything so yummy in my tummy in a long time. Thank you, your loyal customer. Cheri

Jacquelinencummings 7 months ago


Great healthy food! best Korean spot in Everett . only wish they advertised lunch specials and/ or kids meals

Padre1969 7 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

One of the best Bibinbap I have ever eaten. It is so great that you can customize it and flavor it with sauces to your own taste as you eat it. The ingredients we're fresh and the service by was freindly. I am looking forward to my next trip to eat here.

Karleerease123 7 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

Every-time I go to k fresh I'm impressed! Food is delicious, fast, and service is great!! I'm vegan and a lot of friends are gluten free so it's nice to have the accommodations for dietary needs, no complaints and highly recommend. Thanks k fresh!!!

Jason 8 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

My wife and I found K Fresh recently and absolutely love it! The food is great, vegan options are much appreciated and the milkdshakes are the best!

Brianne00 8 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

K-So Fresh & So Good! I really love this restaurant. They give you generous portions and it is delicious. I love that they have meat, vegan options and cauliflower rice! You get to choose a main and 4 toppings. I added the fried egg. I will be going back! definite 5 star!

Sarah 8 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

My husband and I are regulars here. Pretty much everything here is wonderful. I love the fact that they meet so many dietary needs of their customers. I also adore that I count on 99% of everything they serve being freshly made. I regularly get the vegan beef with either brown or cauliflower rice. So good. The rice in the stone bowl adds such a nice crunchy touch to the rest of the bowl. The shakes are some of the best around. We really loved the Eggnog. I kinda wish they had done pumpkin. My favorite shake so far was a raspberry/mango shake. I have such a pretty photo of it too. The potato salad is my favorite. It has a just a hint of sweet, enough to be intriguing without being gross. It also has a lovely texture. Our favorite restaurant in Everett. ๐Ÿ’œ ๐Ÿ˜‹

Megan 9 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

Love this restaurant! Everything looks and tastes so fresh, plus it's delicious everytime. I don't feel guilty eating here when I forget to pack my lunch for work!

Dykealiscious 9 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

First time here and only 1 other place to compare it to. So good! Really friendly staff and Bubly! Yessss! Took home some kimchi. Can't wait to try it too.

Jennifer 10 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

OMG soooo delicious! I stumbled upon this place and I'm so glad I did. So fresh! I talked with the owner and she had a dream, a passion, and then made it happen. You go girl!Support this delicious option for quick and her so-good-for-you choices. Long live K Fresh!!!

Kyrasweatt 11 months ago

BYO To-Go Bibimbap

First time here and the food and service did not disappoint. I was quite delighted that cauliflower was an option instead of rice, or salad (the ultimate reason why I've not ordered here was bc I would have to choose the salad as my base, I dont eat rice), BUT with cauliflower as a base option... I will be a regular, as I only work a few minutes away. The portions were generous and filling. Those new to the Bibimbap scene, You get a base, rice, brown rice, or cauliflower, 1 or 2 protein choices, I picked the vegan beef (amazing flavor), 5 sides, and 2 sauces (to go option), if you eat in, your food is server in a hot bowl on a really cool wooden plate to absorb the heat and keep you from being burned. Thanks for great vegan options KFresh! I'll be back!

Chambej03 11 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

The workers were so nice and helpful! They will help you choose your toppings and cook it fresh for you. Even the coconut-soy soft serve is amazing!

Kaelynb98 12 months ago

BYO To-Go Bibimbap

K Fresh was so yummy and had amazing vegan options. Finally there is a great vegan KOREAN place to eat in Everett. The byo to-go platter was so much and so filling. On top of plant based they also used environmentally sustainable utensils, cups, and their #cornstraws. I can't wait to come back I'm so happy to have found this new eatery.

Hillary 12 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

This is amazing! The rice is spot-on, the meat is juicy, the vegetable toppings are fresh, the cucumber salad is delicious, and the kim chee is like Grandma used to make: heavenly. The wooden blocks the hot stone bowl is served in keeps your arms from being singed, and having the fried egg on top seals the deal. 5 stars!

Kasperqandersen 12 months ago

BYO Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

Bibimbap is the ultimate comfort food and I am excited to have it *finally* in Everett. Once it comes out of the oven, the good part begins. Let it sit for a minute or two to let the rice crisp up against the stone bowl to reach an entire new level of umami in the dish. The raw egg cooks with the rice giving everything a warm, orange color letting you know, you have reached the state of nirvana. Time to dig in! And you won't be disappointed.

Cybershanie 12 months ago

Korean Potato Salad

Seriously never liked potato salad until I tried this. Like I actively hated it. But K Fresh is on some other level with their tater salad imma tell ya waht.

Cybershanie 12 months ago


So good. So happy to have non dairy options close to home. Everything on their menu is great.

Cgeneus about 1 year ago

BYO To-Go Bibimbap

I work in the local area and am so lucky K Fresh opened walking distance from my office. K Fresh is my go to when I forget to bring a lunch. Everything is so delicious and filling. After eating my BYO To-Go Bibimbap bowl I feel so energized and ready to tackle the rest of my workday instead of feeling stuffed and sluggish. My favorite toppings are Vegan Beef & Cucumber Salad. Thank you K Fresh see you this week.

Victoriasteed about 1 year ago

Korean Potato Salad

In search of gluten free goodness? Look no further than K Fresh. The Korean potato salad is everything you're looking for in comfort food. The homemade deliciousness is similar to the version you're familiar with but packs an extra crunch, freshness, and acid with the addition of cucumbers and melon.


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